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Updated: February 18, 2023

Barangay and Community Affairs

THE MUNICIPALITY OF ROSARIO, BATANGAS has 48 barangays that are divided into four districts based on the subwatershed area to which they belong. In recent years, due to the increase in urbanization, some barangays have been reclassified from rural to urban. In 2015, the Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) for the municipality designated eight new urban settlements, including Alupay, Bagong Pook, Itlugan, Masaya, Namuco, Namunga, San Roque, and Quilib, in addition to the old urban barangays of the Poblacion.

Subwatershed Profiles. There are at least four major subwatersheds in the municipality: Malaquing Ilog River, Lawaye River, Rosario River, and Calumpang River. 

Calumpang River Subwatershed (West Municipal District) has the highest population density, with a gross density of 1,123 persons per square kilometer, covering 27.4% of the total land area and spread across 23 barangays. The majority of the urban barangays, including the Poblacion, are located in this subwatershed. Barangays comprising the West Municipal District are:

  • Bagong Pook
  • Bulihan
  • Cahigam
  • Colongan
  • Itlugan
  • Maalas-as
  • Malaya
  • Marilag
  • Masaya
  • Mavalor
  • Mayuro
  • Namuco
  • Namunga
  • Poblacion A
  • Poblacion B
  • Poblacion C
  • Poblacion D
  • Poblacion E
  • Quilib
  • San Ignacio
  • San Roque
  • Santa Cruz
  • Timbugan

Malaquing Ilog Subwatershed (Northeast Municipal District) covers over a quarter of the total land area and is the second most densely populated settlement, with a population density of 635 persons per sq. km. There are 15 barangays in this subwatershed, and it is traversed over its entire length from east to west by the Rosario-San Juan National Road. Barangays belonging to the Northeast Municipal District are: 

  • Alupay
  • Balibago
  • Baybayin
  • Lumbangan
  • Mabato
  • Macalamcam A
  • Macalamcam B
  • Maligaya
  • Natu
  • Pinagsibaan
  • Putingkahoy
  • Salao
  • San Carlos
  • San Jose
  • Tiquiwan

Lawaye River (East Municipal District) and Rosario River (Southeast Municipal District) Subwatersheds, which make up close to half of the total land area of the municipality, have only five barangays each. The sizes of the barangays in these subwatersheds are larger than those in the other two subwatersheds, and the topography is characterized by hilly land and steep slopes, making large portions of the arable land unsuitable for residential, commercial, or industrial structures. The Lawaye River Subwatershed comprises a fifth of the total land area of the municipality and has five barangays, while the Rosario River Subwatershed occupies over 25% of the total land area and is sparsely populated. Headwaters of several perennial rivers are also found in these subwatersheds.

The East Municipal District Barangays are:

  • Bayawang
  • Leviste
  • Mabunga
  • Nasi
  • San Isidro

Meanwhile, the Southeast Municipal District Barangays are:

  • Antipolo
  • Calantas
  • Matamis
  • Palacpac
  • Tulos

The Municipal District/Subwatershed Boundary Map of the Municipality of Rosario, Batangas is shown below:

Municipal District/Subwatershed Boundary
Source: Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP): 2016-2030, Municipality of Rosario, Batangas


Municipal Government of Rosario, Batangas. (2020). Comprehensive Land Use Plan and Zoning Ordinance: 2016-2030 Volume 3 - THE SECTORAL AND SPECIAL AREA STUDIES. Rosario, Batangas.

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