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MUNICIPAL HALL of the Local Government Unit of Rosario, Province of Batangas, Philipines.
VIEW over Tombol Hill, Municipality of Rosario, Batangas, Philippines

Local Finance


Office of the Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator
Office of the Municipal Budget Officer
Office of the Municipal Treasurer

  1. Determine the income reasonably projected as collectible for the ensuing fiscal year; 
  2. Recommend the appropriate tax and other revenue measures or borrowings, which may be appropriate to support the budget; 
  3. Recommend to the Local Chief Executive the level of the annual expenditures and the ceilings of spending for economic, social, and general services based on the approved local development plans; 
  4. Recommend to the Local Chief Executive the proper allocation of expenditures for each development activity between current operating expenditures and capital outlays; 
  5. Recommend to the Local Chief Executive the amount to be allocated for capital under each development activity or infrastructure project; 
  6. Assist the Sangguniang Bayan in the review and evaluation of budget of the Barangay budgets, and recommend the appropriate action thereon; 
  7. Assist the Sanggunian in the analysis and review of annual regular and budgets of the local government unit to determine compliance with statutory and administrative requirements; and
  8. Conduct semi-annual review and general examination of cost and accomplishments against performance standards applied in undertaking development projects. A copy of this report shall be furnished the Local Chief Executive and the Sanggunian, and shall be posted in conspicuous and publicly accessible places in the municipality.

Office of the Municipal Planning Development Coordinator Rosario Batangas


We envision the future City of Rosario as the premiere center of Eastern Batangas for commerce, agri-industry, sustainable forest management, agri-eco-tourism and agricultural production with sustainable development under equitable local governance through optimal Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Services provided by professional, committed, friendly and team-oriented workforce that can be flexible and focused.


To provide optimal Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Services by professional, friendly and team-oriented workforce who are flexible and able to multi-task, focused and committed to continuing studies and acquisition of knowledge the outcome is improved office work leading to promotion and betterment on chosen career with the end in view of happiness, building own family, new assets and businesses, including more traveling.

Office of the Municipal Budget Officer Rosario Batangas


Aims to provide economic and social upliftment to its people while keeping with government's thrust for budget transparency and accountability.


To prepare an Executive Budget that conforms with provisions of the law, circulars and issuances and disburse the approved appropriation in compliance with the accouting, budgeting and auditing rules and regulations.

Office of the Municipal Treasurer Rosario Batangas


The Municipal Treasurer’s Office efficiently collects local taxes, fees and charge and exercises proper management of funds of the Local Government Unit of Rosario Batangas to provide substantial services to its constituents.


The Municipal Treasurer’s Office shall promote autonomy in the proper administration and custody of the municipal funds through aggressive revenue generation and disbursement of obligations for various programs, projects and activities of the municipality as provided under Local Tax Code, other ordinances and laws for realization of a commonly shared vision.

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