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MUNICIPAL HALL of the Local Government Unit of Rosario, Province of Batangas, Philipines.
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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Medical Mission Special Project

Program Title
Medical Mission Special Project of Mayor Manny Alvarez

Program Location
The Medical Mission was conducted at the Laurel Park, Poblacion C, Rosario, Batangas.

Date of Implementation
The Medical Mission was held January 24, 2012.

Lead Agency
The Office of the Municipal Mayor in cooperation with the Office of the Vice President were the lead agencies implementing this project. The Office for Health Services have management and operational control of the mission.

Municipal Government of Rosario Batangas has a history of providing medical assistance to depressed areas, with successful missions conducted in various barangays in the past and in recent times.

This year was no exemption because we wished to reach out to even more people who experience the struggles and challenges of life on a daily basis. Primary health care, being a basic need is a priority of the current administration of Honorable Mayor Manuel B. Alvarez.

This is why we take advantage of any and every opportunity to conduct a medical mission in cooperation with the private sector and other government agencies for the benefit of the people of Rosario.

This is a project in cooperation with the Office of the Vice President Jojo Binay, to serve the people of the Philippines. This activity is also part of the Kalusugan Pangkalahatan Program of the National Government..

  • To provide medical consultations, dental and ophthalmological services.
  • To provide free medicines and free reading glasses while supplies last.

Medical Services
The services that will be provided will be medical consultation, dental and ophthalmological check-ups. Complimentary supplies will also be provided such as free medicines and free reading glasses.

A total of over 1,000 beneficiaries were benefited by the Mission. In all probability, all those who took time and effort to wait in line were given medical services.

Service Delivery
  • Flow of Services
There were designated areas for the different stages of service delivery. At the entrance, there were Reception Areas for medical, dental and ophthalmological services requests.

Next areas were for taking Vital Signs and Vision Tests before proceeding to the designated Waiting Areas for requested service.

The medical doctors, ophthalmologists and dentists provided complete treatment for the requested service on a first come first serve basis. The last step was the dispensation of medicines in the pharmacy area or the releasing of eyeglasses in the optical services area.

  • Volume of Patients
Within the 2-3 hours of the medical mission it was expected that the planned activities for the day will be followed. But there is also the possibility that by lunch time, as more people and patients come in, there is the possibility that challenges may come up so an allowance for flexibility is recognized. After a few hours of opening time, the number of people approaching the venue increased significantly. Order was maintained by the vigilant Barangay Health Workers and Barangay Nutrition Scholars, as well as other community volunteers. The Honorable Sangguniang Bayan Member Gary Malaluan took active participation in making sure patients were lined up properly. This Medical Mission conducted from 8:00 a.m. to past 2:00 p.m.

  • Logistics
Standard tables and chairs for reception, electric fans, disposable plastic cups, water dispenser, (purified water for patients use), long table for dental instruments, basins and trash cans.

  • Budgetary Requirements
This Medical Mission project cost was allocated an amount of Php80,000.00 for various expenditures.

Program Management
  • Lead Agency and Support Agencies
The Office for Health Services was the lead operating agency for this project. Other units of the Municipal Government also provided manpower support such as the Office of the Municipal Mayor, Municipal Engineer’s Office, MENRO, Office of the Municipal Administrator, HRMO, Sangguniang Bayan, and others concerned.

  • Medical Personnel
Medical doctors (10), dentists (6), pharmacists (3) and nurses (10) from the Office of the Vice President provided the medical services for the mission. Our Rural Health Unit personnel augmented the medical personnel requirement of the mission.

  • Volunteer Support Staff
Community volunteer health and nutrition workers and Barangay Officials also provided manpower support for the success of this undertaking.

  • Security Arrangement
Elements from the Philippine National Police and the Philippine Air Force, Rosario Traffic Management Group and Barangay Tanods provided the necessary security to keep the peace and order situation under control.

  • Food and Refreshments
Refreshments was provided for everyone on the mission day. Food and accommodations were also arranged for the advance party of 5 from the Office of the Vice President to scout the mission area for pre-mission activity instructions and preparations.

  • Monitoring Attendance and Beneficiaries
Attendance sheets were provided for the activity to keep to keep track of people who came for the event.

Source of Fund
Funding for this Medical Mission was sourced from the Special Projects under the Office of the Municipal Mayor.

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